Zivorad Mihajlovic Slavinski: PEAT System

PEAT-The Most Important Method of Zivorad Slavinski


Deep PEAT  (Primordial Energy Activation and Transcendence) is by far the most important and most famous system created by Zivorad Mihajlovic Slavinski.

PEAT system is a whole set of of different effective techniques (Deep PEAT, DP-2, DP-3, DP-4, and Universal Process which are the cornerstone of his Spiritual Technology

The system is the result of Slainski’s more than 60 years long career in spirituality, and self-improvement area. Before PEAT, Zivorad Slavinski developed more than 15 spiritual and self-help systems and countless techniques and published more than 30 books about spirituality, self-improvement and mysticism.
PEAT method is successfully used for self-help, personal development and healing, as well as in therapy with clients by PEAT trainers and practitioners around the world.

Slavinski coached hundreds of PEAT workshops in Serbia, United States, Russia, Egypt, Canada, Sweden, Norway, Italy, France, UK, Holland, Belgium and many other countries, and hundreds of PEAT trainers are still helping thousands of people all around the world.

Background and Foundation of PEAT

The PEAT system, has its roots in Slavinski’s unparalleled experience in coaching, spirituality and self-improvement. Building on his experience (he creating over 15 spiritual and self-help systems, countless techniques, and authoring more than 30 books), Slavinski developed the PEAT system which is widely considered as the best system of its kind in the world.

PEAT is super effective

Slavinski developed PEAT after being exposed to meridian therapies, particularly Thought Field Therapy (TFT) by Roger Callahan and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) by Gary Craig.

While PEAT shares some similarities with TFT and EFT, it goes beyond these therapies in terms of efficacy and consistency.

Energy, or Meridian therapies work with universal life energy (aura) to address psychological and emotional disorders through the manipulation of acupuncture points. However, PEAT transcends these approaches by focusing on deeper layers of the mind and extracting the underlying charge of the problem.

Enters Deep PEAT

Deep PEAT process is the groundbreaking part and the crown of the PEAT system.

The primary distinction between Deep PEAT and its predecessors lies in the depth to which the technique penetrates the layers of the mind.

While classical Energy Therapies focus on addressing the surface level of problems (those the client is aware of) through the removal of imbalances in the body’s energy field, Deep PEAT digs deeper into the root cause of the issue.

It traverses the chain of repressed and unconscious conflicts and reaches the core of the problem by identifying the deepest pair of polarities that generate the issue.

Deep PEAT technique penetrates the “metastructures” of the mind, acting upon the roots and negative beliefs that generate the problem. This approach results in a new level of effectiveness and makes the benefits of Deep PEAT therapy sessions stable and permanent.

An additional quality of Deep PEAT lies in its ability to discover and integrate one’s Primordial Polarities (which Slavinski also called Personal Codes). By identifying and resolving these deeply rooted opposing forces, Deep PEAT facilitates a profound transformation in the individual, leading to lasting change and personal growth in one’s life.

Global Reach and Impact of PEAT

Živorad Mihajlović Slavinski’s PEAT and Deep PEAT techniques have made a significant impact on the global stage, becoming widely recognized and utilized by practitioners across numerous countries for various applications. The international success of PEAT has contributed to its growing reputation as the most effective method for self-help, personal development, healing, and therapy.

Over the years, PEAT has achieved international success and is now used by hundreds of practitioners worldwide. Slavinski himself has coached numerous PEAT workshops in Serbia, the United States, Russia, Egypt, Canada, Sweden, Norway, Italy, France, the UK, Holland, Belgium, and other countries. This widespread application has enabled individuals from all cultural backgrounds to benefit from the transformative power of PEAT and Deep PEAT techniques.

The impact of Slavinski’s work extends far beyond his direct involvement, as his teachings continue to flourish through the efforts of hundreds of PEAT trainers he trained. These trainers assist thousands of people around the world in their journeys towards personal growth and well-being, further reinforcing the global reach of PEAT and its potential for improving lives on the planet.

Scientific Research and Mainstream Recognition

As PEAT therapy continues to gain traction worldwide, various PEAT enthusiasts, which are scientists from different fields, are conducting research to better understand the system and incorporate it into mainstream science. These efforts aim to provide a solid scientific foundation for the principles and practices of PEAT, further establishing its credibility and relevance in the broader field of psychotherapy.

One notable example of PEAT’s growing recognition in the scientific community is its presentation at the 5th World Congress of Psychotherapy, which took place in Beijing in 2008. Dr. Dejan Rakovic, a professor from the Belgrade University, presented PEAT technique at the prestigious event, highlighting its potential as a valuable therapeutic tool and its compatibility with existing psychotherapy approaches.

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