The Books of Zivorad Slavinski

The List of Books Written by Zivorad Mihajlovic Slavinski During his Career

Slavinski wrote his first book “The Psychic Training of Yogis” in 1970. Before his death in 2022 he published 30 more. Here is the list:

  1. The Psychic Training of Yogis
  2. The Keys of Psychic Magic
  3. The Symbols of Hermetism
  4. A Short Encyclopaedia of Parapsychology and Hermetics
  5. The Psychonauts of Internal Worlds
  6. Psychotronics: An Introduction to Scientific Parapsychology
  7. Their Life in Other Worlds
  8. A Course in Gnostic Occultism
  9. Tracks and Paths to the Self
  10. Meetings with Truth: Enlightenment Intensive
  11. A Manual for Masters of Gnostic Intensive
  12. Excalibur
  13. New Excalibur: The Alchemy of Awareness
  14. Integral Excalibur
  15. Talisman Magic
  16. A Practical Guide to Higher Hermetic Rituals
  17. Psychic Self Defence
  18. I Ching: The Philosophical Machine
  19. Kreaton: Master of the Creating Game
  20. Aspectics
  21. Sunyata: Divine Emptiness and Mystic Physics
  22. PEAT and the Neutralisation of Primordial Polarities
  23. Return to Oneness
  24. Invisible Influences
  25. PEAT: New Pathwas
  26. Transcendent
  27. Escape from the Matrix
  28. The Dawn of Aivaz (occult novel)
  29. Arelena (novel)
  30. Gnostic Intensive With the Alternative Technique
  31. Zivorad Mihajlovic Slavinski Autobiography (unpublished)

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