Spiritual Technology: The systems of Zivorad Mihajlovic Slavinski

The Most Important Systems of Zivorad Mihajlovic Slavinski

Here is the list (with very short descriptions) of ZMS most important systems. With time I will try to make more detailed description of all systems (for now you have more detailed descriptions just for PEAT system and Deep PEAT techniques). I will post texts about Slavinski’s techniques in the blog sectioin.

The techniques of the PEAT system:

Basic PEAT: The simple technique (based on Energy therapies). Used for quickly dealing with simple problems, which don’t reappear (not for persistent problems).

Deep PEAT: The most important technique of the PEAT system. Perfect for the elimination of chronic (persistent) and difficult problems. Read more about Deep PEAT here: LINKLINKLINK

Direct Integration PEAT: Technique used during Deep PEAT process in which the practitioner asks client directly about the possible polarizations and then integrates discovered polarities to ease the completion of the Deep PEAT process.

DP-2: This method is the simplest part of the PEAT system. It is especially useful when working with so-called “intellectual” clients who have difficulty to “feel” the problem. This process helps such client to start working and usually quickly removes all the charge and leads to a resolving the initial problem or undesirable state.

DP-3: The third method of PEAT system for solving deep (chronic, persistent) problems. Gives the ability to integrate specific pairs of opposing polarities. (In Deep PEAT you have the integration of the underlying pair of polarities of the initial problem, but you can’t use the method for integration of specific pair of polarities that you choose.

DP-4: Improvement of the DP-3 process which works much faster (if you apply it correctly :). As DP-3, it can also easily be used for creation of positive characteristic (besides the elimination of negative ones).

UP (Universal Process (Ili FPP Fundamental Polarities Process)): Maybe the simplest and easiest method in PEAT system. Further development of the DP-3 and DP-4, with similar effectiveness, but even simpler to use, and almost impossible to screw-up in the application.

You can read more about PEAT system here:

Other systems of Slavinski’s Spiritual Technology:

Gnostic Intensive and Individual GI: Amazing technique developed by Zivorad Mihajlovic which almost without exception allows achievement of enlightment experience (short lasting enlightment, known as Satori experience in Zen). Slavinski developed this technique from his Gnosis Intensive, which is heavily modified version of Charles Berner’s Enlightment Intensive. The technique can even be practice individually (after appropriate training).

Aspectics: Truly ingenious system of Spiritual Technology for working with one’s aspects (or sub-personalities). Slavinski realized that every problematic or non-optimal behavior can be treated as a sub-personality of the Self. Also, all our aspects (positive as well as apparently negative ones) try to achieve some positive goals for us. Problems appear when the specific way in which the aspect try to achieve its (and therefore ours) positive goals is in the conflict with the well-being of ourselves as a whole. Aspectics allow a perfect integration of such aspects into our whole being (and in that way permanently resolves the initial problem). Aspectics is one of the most well known and liked Slavinski’s systems.

The Inner Magic of Words: The Inner Magic of Words is one of the Slavinski’s latest systems which utilizes the power of words to create desired changes and solve one’s problems and conflicts. The system is based on the idea that the choice of the words we use can lead to a deeper understanding of how we function and that by the simple modifications we can resolve the problems and conflicts that bother us.

Sunyata: One of the mostpopular and important systems of Zivorad Mihajlovic Slavinski. As the name says, it is a system for achieving consciously the state of void and keeping it (and even operationally using it) in everyday life. It is based on the set of exercises Slavinski developed for entering in the state (non-dualistic state of “emptiness”, or “nothingness”). On the first level the purpose of the system is to allow a practitioner the mystical experience of void, but system also trains you how to use the state in your everyday life for elimination of undesirable states and as a source of creativity. Traditionally, achievement of the state of Sunyata is considered to be a very important stepping stone in one’s spiritual development.  

Integral Excalibur: Excalibur is the first system Slavinski created for achieving changes in one’s reality. (His previous work was mostly based on Gnostic Intensive, which is the method for achieving spiritual and mystic experience of the self). It is a whole system with various tools for elimination of emotional problems, negative beliefs and identities, as well as creating the desirable reality. The system is to be mastered with a certified Excalibur coach, but is designed for regular individual self-help practice of practitioner for a systematic improvement of one’s whole subjective and objective reality.

Excalibur II: This amazingsystem is based on the time-honored principle that “resistance creates persistence” on which the most of self-help, spiritual and psychotherapy systems are based. In essence, this means that problems persist due to our resistance towards them.

To address this, Excalibur 2 offers a series of exercises designed to develop the ability to accept a wide range of experiences, from the pleasant to the most unpleasant ones. By consciously adopting an attitude of non-resistance, practitioner can resolve even the most persistent issues and achieve an amazing acceleration of personal growth.

Based on this technique, Excalibur II includes the whole system of different processes. From the method for elimination of chronic (persistent) problems to different techniques for working with limiting beliefs and identities, and creating improved personal reality. Excalibur II is one of my favorite self improvement techniques.

System for working with Entities: Entity processing is Slavinski’s spiritual and therapeutic system for resolving one’s problems through identifying and communicating with entities (separate conscious beings that exist within an individual). Such approach might be very useful and might resolve the problem very quickly, when the client perceives her problem as something separated from her. Practitioners use specific procedures to find and clarify entity’s identity and purpose, ultimately allowing its integration or departure.

Transdimensional breathing: “Transdimensional Breathing” is a profound awareness expansion group technique created by Zivorad Mihajlovic Slavinski, which utilize conscious breathing to initiate awareness expansion. Almost universally, participants achieve different ascendance states of mind and higher levels of perception of the self and the universe. Most of participants also report experiencing healing, radiant light of various colors, and a sense of being cleansed by a potent cosmic energy. The method also reportedly allows some participants to perceive other dimensions, parallel realities, and even past lives, all within a single 30-45 min session.

Memento: The technique for exploring past lives developed by Zivorad Mihajlovic Slavinski. In themselves, past lives don’t have much direct impact on your present life. But some of the decision you made in them may directly affect the present and create the problems and undesirable behaviors that are difficult to solve. Memento allows you to explore and remove such decisions and become free from the influences of the past.

Transcendence: Transcendence is one of the later Slavinski’s systems, based on his extensive experience in alchemy. It will give you the practical way to use alchemical principles and archetypal symbols to overcome human problems and barriers, create desired personal reality, and achieve your goals. The system uses symbols, derived from religious, mystical, and cultural contexts, as well as ones personal symbols, as transformative elements, acting as psychological machines to alter and redirect practitioner’s energy. The system’s strength lies in its focused depth, allowing it to reach the core of unwanted states or limitations and to transform them into able helpers for achieving desired changes in reality.

The Escape from the Matrix: The last of Slavinski’s practical systems. Set of new revolutionary techniques Slavinski designed for freeing yourself from the “Matrix” of unconscious human existence.  Besides very interesting new techniques which work astonishingly fast, the system includes some processes which give very important long term benefits to ones life.  Processes like “Shadow integration”, the change of your most essential identities, the integration of your parallel selves and others create long term improvements and transform your life in truly amazing way.

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