Zivorad Mihajlovic Slavinski’s Biography

The Life and Work of Zivorad Slavinski

Zivorad Mihajlovic Slavinski March 1981
Slavinski during his second Enlightment Intensive in Serbia (March 1981)

The timeline:

  • Born 4th of December 1937.
  • Degree in Psychology from University of Belgrade in 1968.
  • Published his first book (The Psychic Training of Yogis) in 1970
  • Founded “Psychotronics Society” in Belgrade, Serbia in 1976 (disbanded in 1987).
  • Coached his first Enlightment intensive (created by Charles Berner)
    in November 1980.
  • Founded Eclesia Gnostica Alba (EGA, White Gnostic Church) in 1986. (disbanded in 1996).
  • Created Excalibur system for creation of individual reality in 1991. (Slavinski considered this system to be the first system of what he later called “Spiritual Technology”.)
  • Created the PEAT system in 1999.
  • Created “The Escape from the Matrix” (his last system) in 2012
  • Died 5th of February 2022

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